That’s where Jalapeno can help

Aligning the team around the plan is a major challenge

Jalapeno is our interactive modelling platform for building CAPSICUM models. A dynamic, cloud-based tool that provides both business and technology stakeholders a complete understanding of how everything works. Integrated and aligned, Jalapeno clearly illuminates how things are connected and what they all mean. Through unique and intuitive visualisations Jalapeno delivers a complete, holistic and precise description of your business.

Use Jalapeno to:

Define: your Business Strategy

Desired Results

Identify and describe everything in your domain as a common enterprise vocabulary

Courses of Action

Explain how your strategies will be implemented by defining who will do what, when


Coordinate and control the business rules and logic of how things should operate

Describe: Your Business Operation

Incremental, Interactive Intelligence
  • Define once and reuse everywhere.
  • Explain as you go and do it only once.
  • Each new contribution enhances the dynamic, evolving repository of cumulative enterprise knowledge
Instant, Actionable Insights
A key feature of Jalapeno is our rapid time to value. Within days you will see tangible outputs and begin to gain an incrementally illuminating perspectives of your business operation.
Right Content for the Right Teams at the Right Time
Explicit alignment means total traceability from strategy to execution and right down to the underlying platforms that run your business

Design: your Business Solutions

A Jalapeno model is a dynamic, enduring business asset; a tangible artefact; an incrementally constructed blueprint that articulates how your business plans will be implemented and makes explicit the alignment of strategic objectives with the structure, execution and governance of business operations.
Responsive, Flexible, Intuitive
Independent of technology but an essential precursor to the effective design of business systems that support and align with your business strategy.

Deliver: Your Business Transformation

Digital Transformation Platform
Jalapeno provides a single integrated platform that allows you to develop your transformation strategy, plan the implementation roadmap and coordinate the delivery lifecycle.