We bring structure to the unstructured.

The CAPSICUM Framework is a template for a strategically aligned, business blueprint that explains exactly how your business operates.

The Agile Imperative:
Transforming Business & Enterprise
Architecture Modelling for the New Digital Reality
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The CAPSICUM Framework is a meta-model for a structured description of a business endeavour.

It provides a template for designing and aligning a strategic business plan and a target operating model with the technology solutions that support your business operation.

We assist multi-faceted organisations describe complex business operations in simple, granular terms that are flexibly arranged in dynamic, interactive business models. Working with your business teams we create a model of your operations and the lifecycle of information supporting your core business processes. This model becomes an enduring asset that describes how your systems support your processes and facilitate change as your business evolves.

We completely invert existing paradigms for developing technology solutions - putting business first. Business stakeholders are consistently delighted at the speed at which they achieve a comprehensive, detailed, yet compact visualisation of their most intricate business issues. Our customers gain fascinating, immediate insights and the returns from an investment in a CAPSICUM model continue to accrue exponentially with every subsequent piece of knowledge that is captured.

Jalapeno is our interactive, cloud-based modelling platform for constructing CAPSICUM models.

It is an engaging, easy-to-use, interactive treasure chest of illuminating perspectives, providing integrated semantic explanations that are meaningful to both business and technical stakeholders.