Managing for success requires a clearly defined strategy and a well expressed blueprint for execution.

There is an enormous chasm between formulating a business plan and implementing it through the coordinated orchestration of resources and technology in support of a common vision.

  • How does a business clearly and precisely communicate a vision and how to achieve it?
  • How do you articulate and align the business plan with the target operating model?
  • How do you effectively architect and engineer technology solutions to support your strategies?
Unfortunately the sad truth is that as an industry, we do this quite badly.
Great software can delight but more often than not enterprise applications fall far short of our aspirations.
Why is it that modern consumer technologies are creative and inspirational, while business applications are notoriously inefficient and poorly implemented?
A prime cause of failure in delivering enterprise solutions is that we are particularly poor at helping business stakeholders articulate their intentions precisely.
Software "engineering specifications" are generally imprecise and unstructured because we engineer software with tools of prose not precision.
We would never build buildings, bridges, tunnels or aircraft based on a design in Microsoft Word, yet we continue to build the technology infrastructure of business on such foundations of obscurity and ambiguity.

No wonder it is all so precarious.

The CAPSICUM Framework helps businesses explain what they do, clearly and unambiguously.

The framework includes the meta-models, method and tooling for developing dynamic, interactive business blueprints that precisely explain how a business works;

We help you develop a common enterprise vocabulary based on clearly articulated business definitions, removing ambiguity, maximising reuse and reducing inefficiency;

We deliver an integrated, cohesive expression of business strategy aligned to business activities. You get a consolidated business operating model that is mapped to the underlying technology designs and software platforms that will support your business operation.

Building a CAPSICUM model is surprisingly quick and easy, yielding immediate value in small, incremental steps.

Working with your business teams, we rapidly harvest information from almost any existing documentation to create a detailed model of your business strategy and the lifecycle of information supporting your core business processes.

A CAPSICUM model is an enduring business asset that describes how your systems support your processes and facilitates change as your business evolves.

We build strategically aligned, semantic business models
We explain how the world is, we don't make it fit
We shine clarity on obscurity
We innovate through discovery, not by invention.

Architecting a Business.

“We see your business architecture as your most valuable business asset.”

Documenting a business architecture can be a journey into uncharted waters. The concept is still quite immature, with few practical guidelines or useful templates available that describe what the structure and content of a business architecture should be. It's not uncommon to simply consolidate any existing analysis into a common repository and call it a business architecture. In effect, not much more than a mish-mash collection of out-of-date documents.

We know you can do better than that. Our approach is to establish a consolidated enterprise vocabulary that explains the dynamics and business logic of your operations in a structured "Ontology" - a consolidated, consistent, interactive model of the semantics of how your business operates. A Business Ontology decomposes the complex body of knowledge of your domain in all its variety of forms, into a single, unified, multi-dimensional model that precisely defines, explains and integrates all of the moving parts of the business. It is a complete, unified repository of knowledge; a business asset that is dynamic, interactive and enduring. Informed by business analysis, aligned to business strategy and a foundation for the designs of your underlying technology platforms and supporting business applications.

The CAPSICUM Framework is a step-by-step guide to building a business architecture model. You can think of CAPSICUM as a template that identifies everything you need to define and how all of these parts fit together. It has been described as “CAD/CAM for business”. Just as engineers develop detailed digital models that precisely explain the designs for a bridge before it is built, CAPSICUM helps business architects design precise models of a business before it is automated.