What we do:
CAPSICUM Business Architects is a contagious group of passionate and relentless innovators.
We are inspired and we're on a mission to change the way the business world consumes technology.

Our company is based on a commitment to excellence and a belief that excellence is grounded in clarity of purpose and intent.
The foundation for business success is a common, shared understanding communicated through clear, unambiguous vocabulary and meaning.

Andrew Barkla
Trevor Clayton
Management Team
Terry Roach
Mark Masterson
Stephen Smith
Maire Ruane
Mike Hennessey
Business Architect Team
Jim Bone
Rachelle Gold
Richard Tyler
Adrian Smart
Reinilda Delima-Froyland
Mamta Pandey
Daniel Roach
Development Team
Rui Abrantes
Rouzbeh Meymandpour
Mike Wyatt
Jordan Stewart
The semantics of your business in a blueprint
We build strategically aligned, semantic business blueprints
We explain how the world is, we don't make it fit
We shine clarity on obscurity
We innovate through discovery, not by invention